UN Convention Against Corruption

This commitment requires Sri Lanka to ensure compliance with UNCAC. Compliance status of the mandatory provisions are as follows:  

Article 48 - Law enforcement cooperation

No compliance update present

  • Article 48. 1 Cooperate closely with one another, to enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement action to combat the offences covered under UNCAC.

    Take effective measures:

    (a) To enhance and to establish channels of communication between their competent authorities, agencies and services to facilitate the secure and rapid exchange of information concerning all aspects of the offences covered under UNCAC, including links with other criminal activities;

    1. b) To cooperate with other States Parties in conducting inquiries with respect to offences covered under UNCAC:

    (i) The identity, whereabouts and activities of persons suspected of involvement in such offences or the location of other persons;

    (ii) The movement of proceeds of crime or property derived from the commission of such offences;

    (iii) The movement of property, equipment or other instrumentalities used or intended for use in the commission of such offences;

    (c) To provide necessary items or quantities of substances for analytical or investigative purposes;

    (d) To exchange information with other States Parties concerning specific means and methods used to commit offences covered under UNCAC, including the use of false identities, forged, altered or false documents and other means of concealing activities;

    (e) To facilitate effective coordination between their competent authorities, agencies and services and to promote the exchange of personnel and other experts, including the posting of liaison officers;

    (f) To exchange information and coordinate administrative and other measures taken as appropriate for the purpose of early identification of the offences under UNCAC.

  • Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC), Police

  • • FIU is authorized to enter into agreements on mutual legal assistance that provide for the exchange of information.

    • FIU is a member of the EGMONT Group of Financial Intelligence Units Police cooperates through INTERPOL.

    Link to Financial Intelligence Unit http://fiusrilanka.gov.lk/international.html

    Link to Egmont Group https://egmontgroup.org/en/membership/list

    Link to the Country Review Report under the First Cycle http://www.unodc.org/documents/treaties/UNCAC/CountryVisitFinalReports/2016_04_11_Sri_Lanka_Final_Country_Report.pdf

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