UN Convention Against Corruption

This commitment requires Sri Lanka to ensure compliance with UNCAC. Compliance status of the mandatory provisions are as follows:  

Article 10 - Public reporting

No compliance update present

  • Taking into account the need to combat corruption, take measures to enhance transparency in its public administration, including with regard to its organization, functioning and decision-making processes.

  • Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC), Ministry of Public Administration and Management

  • • The Constitution guarantees the right of access to information (art. 14A). The Right to Information Act No. 12 was enacted in 2016 and contains detailed procedures for obtaining information (sections 24–30), grounds for denial of access (sections 5 and 35) and duties of public bodies to maintain records (section 7).

    • Violations of fundamental rights by public officials and institutions can be reported to the Ombudsman under article 156 of the Constitution.

    • The Human Rights Commission is set up under the Constitution and has a mandate to investigate and inquire into fundamental rights violations.

    • Most of the state sector organizations have their own websites.

    • As per the Constitution, the Auditor General is mandated to report to Parliament. As per the National Audit Act section 13, the Auditor General may publish the reports in the National Audit Office Website if he has or intends to provide any report, information, document, book, record or computer-generated transcript obtained in the course of the audit to the law enforcement authorities.

    • Sri Lanka intends to set up e-government system to allow access to public services electronically.

    • CIABOC is in the process of developing citizen charters for local government and public administration.

    National Action Plan for combating Bribery and Corruption 2019-2023 provides measures such as revising and developing the Citizen’s charter to increase accessibility and convenience in the provision of public service to citizens, therein reducing loopholes for corruption.

    Link to National Action Plan for Combating Bribery and Corruption 2019 – 2023

    Link to Right to Information Act https://www.rti.gov.lk/images/resources/RTI_Act_Sri_Lanka_E.pdf

    Link to Human Rights Commissions Act http://www.hrcsl.lk/PFF/HRC%20Act.pdf

    Link to the National Audit Act http://srilankalaw.lk/gazette/2018_pdf/19-2018_E.pdf

    Link to the Constitution http://www.parliament.lk/files/pdf/constitution.pdf

    Link to the Country Review Report under Second Review Cycle http://www.unodc.org/documents/treaties/UNCAC/CountryVisitFinalReports/2018_09_03_Sri_Lanka_Final_Country_Report.pdf

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